Jason Stephens Touring?

Jason Stephens Touring?

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Jason Stephens Touring? Good afternoon beautiful people.  Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man here.  Kidding.  Of course you know I’m Jason Stephens, but um…..I GOTTA QUESTION!!!  Jason Stephens Touring?  Ok, I know, improper grammar, but it’s a blog.  It’s ok.  Now let’s get down to business.  I have another question, but first a brief statement leading up to the question.  Ok so here I am, sitting in my recliner resting from my little episode last week (read previous post to see what type of episode.), and I started thinking.  As soon as I get better and well enough to get back to doing what I love to do, I’m going to do a tour.  I’ve been all over the southeastern states doing concerts and such over the last few years, and I’ve built relationships with so many people in these areas, that I’m sure I can get a legitimate, nicely put together, effective tour in motion.  So as I’m sitting here looking at all of my music and everything, it hit me……I don’t even know what I would name the tour.  Initially, prior to the episode, I had to options which were the “Hello…My Name Is” tour, which of course deals with my name change from G-Status to Jason Stephens.  Then there was the “Impact Tour”, which is self explanatory, meaning that I wanted to impact people’s lives in such a way through the way that God has gifted me to reach people.  Now as I’m sitting here thinking, over the last few days I’ve been on this whole “Live Life” kick because I want to live life and I want others to live life.  So now I’m thinking, should I continue with the whole live life movement and name the tour the “Live Life” tour or something dealing with living life?  Or should I stick to one of the previous names?  I want to hear from you.  Let me know what you think?  Comment on this thread or my facebook page and whichever has the most votes, I’ll name it that.  LET’S HEAR IT!!!!!!!   The Hello…My Name Is Tour The Impact Tour The Live Life Tour   Which one will take the cake???  Who knows?  Stay tuned and find out!   Jason...

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