Transparent 2: The Unmasking

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G-Status’s 7th studio album, TRANSPARENT II: THE UNMASKING, and prequel to Transparent, is his best, deepest, and heartfelt album to date.  Realizing that he could’ve gone deeper into who he was on his previous project, but didn’t, G-Status laid everything on the table.  Speaking from the aspect of who he is as a man of God, his struggles, and what he desires in a relationship with his future wife, G-Status points out his flaws and points to Christ.

 ”There isn’t anybody really talking about their current struggles.  Everybody always speaks about what they did do.  But people really don’t care what you used to do.  That’s good.  God delivered you from that.  But I wanted to let people know what God delivered me from, and is still delivering me from post-Christ.” 

– G-Status –

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Greg (verified owner)

    Dope album! I love how real he is with his lyrics and the beats are on point. Keep it up!

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