Real Love 101

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Atlanta’s own, G-Status, prepares to bring us back to love’s basics with his new, and 5th studio album, Real Love 101. Taking on the task of clarifying what the world has twisted and the church calls taboo, this album will prove beneficial in spite of the detractors. Check out the single “I Said Hello”.

“There’s nothing wrong with love.  There is nothing wrong with love songs.  You see, there’s a difference between love songs and sex songs.  Huge difference.  Love is a beautiful thing when it’s properly tended to.  I stay in the “A”.  Here, “shawty” is how most men address women they’re interested in.  I wanted to take it a little further and take it back to what it was.  How to address women, treat them, etc.  Speaking about relationships that aren’t Godly.  You see, we’ve all been in some type of relationship, that either was good, was the wrong person, some people get divorced, etc.  Being a Christian doesn’t make us exempt to that, and I wanted to point that out.  All while showing how a Godly relationship should be handled.”

– G-Status –

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