12:16 Entertainment | Genre: R&B/Soul | Hometown: Atlanta, GA

BIO /////////////////////////////////////

With years of experience under his belt, Jason Stephens is no stranger to the music industry. At this point in his career, the multifaceted artist is now an 11 time award nominee, and 3 time award winning singer, songwriter, producer and engineer. During the early stages of his career, the singer was better known as G-Status, and after years of carrying the name, Jason decided it was time to let the “stage name” go, and embrace the entirety of who he is. Now on a new journey musically, and in life in general, the songwriter is venturing out into different avenues. After successfully starting his record label, Kingdom Music Group, which is the home of artists such as BG Whyte of Arkansas, Chris Elijah, Don Russell and J-South, who are all based in the Atlanta area, the producer decided to start a production company along with BG Whyte and long time friend E. Dot. After years of producing for artists such as Zerubbabel of Z180 Radio, Twiceborn of Sanctified Minds in Mississippi, Result of WalkRight Ministries in South Carolina, and Ehud of 718 Music in Brooklyn to name a few, Jason felt that it would be a better look if he were able to bring a few producers together to show people unity and that it is indeed possible for producers, who were able to do for themselves, to come together and swallow their pride, all in order to set a bar and be an example in a musical world that thrives on self-sufficiency. Being known for his unique ear and sound, he has become one of the most sought out audio engineers in the Christian Hip-Hop market. After working with artists such as Double of City Takers in Atlanta, P. Lo Jetson of Mississippi, Threat of Miami to name a few, the engineer has been able to work on multiple projects over the last 4 years and has accomplished a feat of mixing and mastering over 100+ projects including but not limited to, ep’s, demos, mixtapes and albums. Along with this, Jason has had the opportunity to mix and master countless singles over the years.

RADIO //////////////////////

NOMINATIONS ///////////

  • Friday Morning Fire | 93.1 FM (Savannah, GA)
  • Love 860 AM | (Atlanta,Ga)
  • 1490 Victory | (Beaufort,Sc)
  • Hot 3:16 | (Beaufort,Sc)
  • West Coast Fiya Radio | Los Angeles,Ca)
  • Z180 Radio | (Atlanta,Ga)
  • Yes Lord Radio | (Nashville,Tn)
  • The Pulse Radio | (Birmingham,Al)
  • K-107 FM JamZ | (Ontario,Canada)
  • YGEA 2009 – Male Vocalist of The Year Nominee
  • YGEA 2010 – Best Gospel Collaboration of The Year Nominee
  • YGEA 2010 – Independent RB&G Artist of The Year Nominee
  • Inferno Urban Music Awards 2011 – Male Vocalist of The Year Nominee
  • Most Underrated Awards 2011 – Most Underrated Single of the Year Nominee
  • C4C Awards 2012 – Best Rhythm & Praise Album of the Year Winner
  • C4C Awards 2012 – Best Gospel Song of the Year Winner
  • C4C Awards 2012 – Producer of the Year Winner
  • C4C Awards 2014 – Producer of the Year Nominee
  • C4C Awards 2014 – Rhythm & Praise Artist of the Year Nominee
  • C4C Awards 2014 – Rhythm & Praise Album of the Year Nominee

ACCOLADES ////////////////////////////////////////////////

  • Opened a concert for Flame | (Columbus,Ga) (2009)
  • Released R.A.G.S. To Riches | (Atlanta, Ga) (2009)
  • Released Targeted | (Atlanta,Ga) (2010)
  • Released Real Love 101 | (Atlanta,Ga) (2011)
  • Released Transparent | (Atlanta,Ga) (2012)
  • Headlined first concert | (Winder,Ga) (2012)
  • Headlined first our of state concert | (Jackson,Ms) (2012)
  • Released Transparent II: The Unmasking | (Atlanta,Ga) (2013)
  • Speaker at Alopeciapalooza for CAP Kids | (Catskill,Ny) (2014)
  • Licensed and ordained as a Minister | (Lilburn,Ga) (2014)
  • Appointed as Youth Pastor | (Lilburn,Ga) (2014)
  • Opened a concert for Andy Mineo | (Lithonia,Ga) (2014)
  • Concert in California | (Los Angeles,Ca) (2015)
  • Licensed and ordained as a Pastor | (Los Angeles,Ca) (2015)
  • Speaker at Alopeciapalooza for CAP Kids | (Topsail Beach, Nc) (2015)


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 real_love_101_cover  Cover  Transparent Tray Front  unmasking front

Real Love 101



Transparent II: The Unmasking

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