The Truth About Brake Lights

The Truth About Brake Lights

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What’s up beautiful people?  Jason back with another update.  I promise I will do better about updating my blogs and vlogs  as well.

Early this week I said I was going to make a blog and explain in detail where Brake Lights comes from and what it means.  A few of my really close friends know the story, but most people don’t so I’m going to try to make this short in typing, and do a video about it and go more in detail there.

Most people think, Jason is just doing R&B.  He’s completely forgotten about God and he’s just doing his own thing, when in fact, I’m just doing what I was supposed to have been doing to begin with which is, be Jason.  However, Brake Lights has an interesting story and it goes a little like this.

September 8th, 2016, my dad went to the hospital to have surgery.  My wife and I went to sit with my mom while the surgery was going on, and what was supposed to take a couple of hours, lasted hours longer than anticipated.  We waited, waited and waited some more until finally, the surgeon came out smiling.  We were told that my father was being transported to recovery and everything went well.  Finally they allowed us to go into his room, and he was lying in his bed praying and thanking God for a successful surgery.  He looked good.  My wife and I brought balloons and a card to him and he was just glad that it was over.  We stayed there for some time until finally, we had to leave so that I could get some rest for work in the morning.  So we leave and I’m excited and thankful that my dad is ok.  I figured I would be able to sleep well, go to work, leave work, pick my wife up and go see my dad. I thought that this would be my schedule for the next week or so until he was released, but it didn’t happen that way.  That night that we got home from my dad’s surgery, my mother called me, and it must’ve been close to the next morning and just after midnight or so, but she told me that my dad had to have another surgery.  This was going to be his second surgery in less than 48 hours.  Long story short, they performed the surgery, but my dad was rushed to ICU afterwards.  My dad ended up staying in ICU for almost 2 months.

One night, my brother came in town and my in-laws did as well, and we all went to the hospital to check on mom and dad.  Dad is still not responding much, but he’s up.  By this time, he has a tube down his throat and he’s heavily sedated.  We all were in the room, and I could only stay in for a few moments at a time because it just hurt to see my dad like that.  He was my superhero while I was growing up.  The strongest man in the world, and the best man who I’ve ever known.  After some time, my mom told us to go and get some rest, so we told her we would be back early in the morning to check on her and dad and to bring her some food.  We arrived home and everyone is trying to get settled in and relax.  I’m on edge, so I go to the studio, put my headphones on, and 20 minutes later, my wife comes down stairs and tells me we have to go back to the hospital because…….dad doesn’t have a pulse.  I run mad and anxious, get in the car, and we’re waiting on someone so I get out of the car and I lose it.  I just break down, throw the keys and burst out in tears.  This can’t be happening.  Not like this.  This isn’t the way that it was supposed to happen.  So my father-in-law grabs the keys and he drives.  By the time we get to the hospital, they’ve revived my dad but to see my mom in that way hurt me even more.

We all stayed at the hospital that night, and there’s this bell that dings every time something happens.  DING…..DING…..CODE BLUE….ROOM XYZ…..CODE BLUE….XYZ……..Code blue means someone’s heart has stopped.  My dad’s heart stopped twice while in ICU.  Every time in dings, and we hear code blue, we’re praying and hoping that it’s not my dad’s room, but it’s still messed up because that’s someone else’s loved one.  After a week, two weeks… dad still hasn’t made any progress.  Still has the tube down his throat and still on the breathing machine.  We’re seeing families come in and go out.  Some come in knowing that their loved one isn’t going to make it, others coming in knowing they’ll be ok.  I saw families come in and their family member is going through the same thing as my dad, but they’re progressing……but my dad isn’t…..but my dad wasn’t getting any worse.

On my way to work, I would turn on the oldies station and it reminded me of our drives to Augusta, my dad teaching me how to change the oil, tires, cut grass, and just fun times.  My dad loved his oldies.  So I started to make a song and I wanted it to be my dad’s theme song for when he came out of the hospital.  I just had faith that he was going to be ok, so I started working on brake lights.  Well, one day we’re at the hospital, and I doze off and had a dream of my dad being wheeled out in a wheelchair and he was wearing a yellow polo shirt and smiling.  Once I had that dream, the lyrics to Brake Lights started pouring out like crazy.  I felt, dad is going to come out and be so much better than he was before he went in for surgery and before he even needed the surgery.  My mom and wife would take turns in the room with my dad, and they would pray and sing his favorite songs.  When they would do that, he would respond a little bit.  Not much, but enough to let us know he could hear and that’s what he needed.  One day, my mom started playing some of my music for him and really started responding.  She played a snippet of Brake Lights and he responded even more.  On another day, I gained enough strength to go in my dad’s room for more than 15 minutes and I reminded him of a conversation I had with him months prior to this.  I put my hand on his shoulder and said dad, remember, I told you that you had a lot of life ahead of you.  I need you to remember that.  My mom walked in shortly after, and shortly after that, my wife and I went home.  My mom continued to play the Brake Lights snippet and he would continue to respond.

I’m at State Farm one day working and my desk phone rings, which was rare due to the type of work that I did.  I answered and it’s my wife and she says, babe, dad’s awake.  I get up, clock out and rush to the hospital, go in the room and there’s my dad sitting up watching westerns, which are his favorite shows to watch.  The doctors told us that it would be some time before he would speak due to the tube being down his throat for almost 2 months, but when I walked in, my eyes lit up and his did too.  I said, Hey Dad!  He said, Hey Man! Even though he couldn’t get all of his words right, I knew he wanted to say more, but that was enough for me.  Shortly after that, he was removed from ICU to recovery.  He stayed in recovery for a few weeks, but was recovering at such a fast pace and so well, that doctors and other surgeons were coming to the room to see him.  Why?  Because they didn’t think he was going to make it.  They gave up on my dad, he was known amongst the nurses, surgeons and others as a miracle.  I forgot to mention that the day he woke up, my wife and I went and got the yellow polo shirt that I saw in my dream.

I remember getting a text from my mom saying, we’re being released.  I got in the car, drove to the hospital, pulled around to the front where they asked me to pick them up at and guess what?  The nurse was wheeling my dad out, in a wheelchair, with the yellow polo shirt. That ride home, we talked a bit, but he just wanted to hear Brake Lights over and over again.  That’s his theme song now.  No looking back.  Focus on the future.  Let your past see your brake lights because it’s behind you now.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I wanted to give people a better understanding of where the song came from, and why it’s so special to me.


Love you all,


Jason Stephens

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