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Good afternoon family,

I know that a lot of you have been seeing my posts lately regarding my new single “Brake Lights” which features my wife Brianna Stephens.  I’ve been posting it like crazy and trying to gain quite a bit of traction prior to the release of the song. I feel that this is the best song that I’ve ever done, and I feel like this will be the best album that I’ve done as well.  I’m just asking for your support.  I’m just asking that when it drops on iTunes on 1/29/16, that you all put $.99 to the side to download it, tell friends about it, repost it, leave comments about it on the iTunes page, rate it 4, 5 stars, etc.  I’m really making a big push and I want you all to understand exactly how long this song has taken me to make and get it to the point that it’s at.  I started working on this song in September of 2015.  I didn’t finish it until late December.  I went back and listened to it, and tweaked it some more at the beginning of this month.  I’ve worked this song for 4 months.  That’s a long time for one song.  Normally, I would have more than half of my album done within 2-3 months, but I took time because for one, this song is really special to me for reasons that I won’t go to deeply into.  Another reason is because I wanted to give you all the best quality that I possibly could.  Music that doesn’t sound like anything else that’s out, and something that reminds you of the good days.  So with that being said, I’m asking that if you follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook, whenever you see me post about the song, retweet, repost and share it on the social networking sites.  We’re 11 days away and I’m extremely excited.  Tell your friends, family, coworkers, etc about the song, and please, sign up for the newsletter via the website to get free music, updates, and more.  The email signup form is right below this post, in the right corner.


Thank you so much for your help and support,


Jason Stephens

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