Reminiscing (feat. Young C & J-South)

Reminiscing (feat. Young C & J-South)

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Reminiscing (feat. Young C & J-South)

Reminiscing – indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events.

Remember when we growing up and we would play tag, hide and go seek, street basketball, open chest, throw em’ up buss em’ up, etc?  Or how about when we were out of school for the summer, when the chores were done, we would stay outside all day playing any and everything we could think of?  Or how about this game that wasn’t dangerous back then, but can be considered dangerous now with all of the trigger happy people in the world, called ding dong ditch, or depending on where you’re from, nigga knock?

Well, I’ve just released a single a few weeks ago called Reminiscing. (I know a few weeks ago and I’m just now posting about it.)  Reminiscing features two of my friends, Young C and J-South.  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that this song came out the way that it did.  Neither one of these guys slacked off on their lyrics, delivery or their ability to walk people down memory lane.


I believe that you all would really love this song, especially if you love music from the 90’s.  It has that 90’s feel and I think that sound needs to make a comeback, so I’m presenting it to the world in hopes that it will catch on again.  There’s an old saying that says “History repeats itself.”, therefore, I’m trying to get a head start musically by bringing out this sound that almost nobody is doing anymore.


The instrumental is produced by Tone Jonez.  If you’ve never heard Tone’s beats, then you probably have and just don’t know about it yet.  The guy is a remarkable producer and his sound and quality is absolutely amazing.  Of course you know the record was mixed and mastered by me, so no need to go into detail about that, and again it features Young C from Riverside, CA and J-South from Atlanta, GA.


Feel free to check it and grab your copy on itunes, google play, and stream it on spotify as well.


Let’s bring music back.


Thank you,


Jason Stephens

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